Bluestem Kitchen Complex

An absolutely unique asset of White Oak Savanna is the 4,000 sq ft Bluestem Kitchen Complex, ground zero for food preparation on the property. Its professionally-designed and well-staged kitchen inspires and facilitates culinary excellence in our rustic, secluded setting.

Every chef, caterer and culinary professional who has seen the kitchen has been rendered speechless. There is no doubt that, with these facilities and extraordinary setting, White Oak Savanna is positioned to become a destination for chefs and culinary enthusiasts.

The Bluestem Kitchen Complex is also roomy enough to host “kitchen dinners” for food aficionados inside, as well as lovely cocktail parties and receptions outside on the veranda (the Bluestem Veranda). Additionally, the building provides spacious changing rooms for speakers and performers with private exterior entrances as well as ample public restroom facilities to service hundreds of guests.

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