Our mission is to create a welcoming environment that harmonizes with the indigenous flora and fauna using sustainable practices and renewable energy sources including solar and wind power as well as rain water collection.


Paul and Audrey Gaynor are the owners and operators of White Oak Savanna. We are dedicated to creating a community-gathering place that fosters economic development within and broader appreciation for the beautiful Dodgeville area.  

Paul attended the University of Wisconsin—Madison and was introduced to the Driftless area in 1981. Paul has been a member of the American Players Theatre Board of Directors for 15 years.

Paul and Audrey live and work in the Chicago area and spend as much time as possible in Dodgeville biking, hiking, paddling, eating well, seeing theatre, hanging out at Arcadia Books and managing GSF. They have shared their love of the Driftless area with family and friends for decades.



White Oak Savanna was founded in the early 1900s by Charles Lloyd Jones, Frank Lloyd Wright’s first cousin. Charles Lloyd Jones was a progressive and award-winning farmer who established the existing barn (the Lloyd Jones Barn Pavillion) and Quonset Hut.

The farm changed hands and was subdivided over the years. We acquired the existing 26 acres in 2014, which was known as GreenSpirit Farm, an uncertified organic CSA. White Oak Savanna is now contiguous with the original 40 acres we acquired in 2006.

Since that time, we have worked with a team of dedicated and innovative specialists to restore the soil (which is now certified organic), clear out invasive species, restore indigenous flowers, plants and grasses and renovate the historic buildings.

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